2017 Glimpse

Future Planning Development Group
Council Chairperson, Masatoshi Yoshii

We pride ourselves on our inherited spirit and connections, and hope to utilize our gifts in discovering hope and great potential by taking action based on a strong will.  We will brighten the future through producing people who will nurture the future ambitions of the region by fighting to realize Osaka as a city full of "creative power".

Global Leadership Development Group
Council Chairperson, Naoya Hirai

We view the rapidly changing world situation from a bird's-eye perspective. We utilize our convictions to think towards the future with aspiration, to discover the new possibilities that arise from diversity and sustainability on a global stage. We will produce people who are pioneers in problem-solving and fully realize Osaka’s full potential as the city of "creative power".

Creative Urban Integration Group
Council Chairperson, Ryubun Kojima

We will survey the current situation of the city, to gain awareness of our responsibilities as a party to cultivate the next generation. We will foster the imagination for Osaka as a city of the future, with flexibility and togetherness. We will gather the strength sourced from diverse values, and build connections to sustain the development of people to realize Osaka as a city full of "creative power".

Public Relation Group
Council Chairperson, Hidenori Takahashi

We aim to embrace the spirit of heartfelt friendship, in order to build better relationships to support growth.  We hold a sense of purpose as our starting point, to cultivate current bonds, and to produce members that make up a strong organizational core, to realize Osaka as a city full of "creative power".

General Affairs Group
Council Chairperson, Kota Uematsu

We will recognize the gifts bestowed upon us by our predecessors, and appreciate the reputation of our city.  We will continue to evolve our city’s identity into one of strength, passion and action.  We will develop people who overflow with "creative power" to realize Osaka’s creative potential.