~2.7 Million People’s Excitement Changes the World. Move Osaka to the Next Stage ~

Now that, Osaka is about to be excited again.

Waiting for Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic in 2020, as a result of “Future Investment Strategy” focusing on education rebuilding and economic reform, we may see ray of light for the rebirth of Japan.

In Osaka, thanks to the increase of inbound investment, utilization of national strategic special zone, making free of the education cost on preschool education and so on, its economy is growing and the population is increasing tendency, and the academic ability of childrenis developing. If we hold Rugby World Cup 2019 and World MastersGame 2021, and further if we are successfulto invite World EXPO 2025, the future of Osaka will be brightly illuminated.

Since in the past, Osaka was the largest city in Japan in terms of population, area, and economy, Osaka used to be called “Dai Osaka (Big Osaka)”, which excited not only Japan but also the world.

We will excite 2.7 million citizens living in Osaka, make Osaka to be a core city in Asia, which drives rebirth of Japan by a private-sector-led economic growth, and realize “BREAK THROUGH OSAKA” which brings real progress and harmony by its next innovation, where everyone is active throughout their life with living power.

In the devastation of World War II, under aspiration of “Youth is the origin of any values” JCI Osaka established in 1950, the second in Japan for the purpose of reconstruction of its nation and realization of world peace.

In 2018, we, about 1,000 active members and more than 2,800 honorary members and special members, unite and act like youth with break thorough policy and bold energy for Osaka.

In conclusion, we appreciate a lot of citizen, governments, enterprise, and various groups will understand and provide us with continued support.

Everything begins from single person’s excitement.
Let’s Move Osaka to the Next Stage.

JCI OSAKA President

Realization of private-led
economic growth driving
the Japanese economy

Currently, with a result of the growth strategy, the light is clearly visible,
we are completely opposed to deflation
and we are in an opportunity to demonstrate our presence as a core Asian city.

  • Realization of
    private-led economic growth

    Japan has been deflation for about 20 years.
    Among them, as a single pole of east and west two poles, we will escape the deflation, increase the income of the citizens, and propose the public and private people’s growth strategy necessary for economic growth.

  • Establishment of citizen’s mentality
    based on correct knowledge

    We will utilize opportunities such as the invitation of the Japan World Exposition and the referendum of Osaka prefecture and municipal mergers to improve the citizen’s consciousness and correct knowledge of politics and economy and establish civil society.

Foster a child’s ability to live
Achieving lifelong
activity society

Society has changed with the development of new technology Currently many children and young people are worried about the future,
All adults continued to grow throughout their lives,
We must give overwhelming expectation.

That is why he has a brave body and a straightforward heart
Building an environment that fosters children with the power to live
We realize a society where everyone can grow and work throughout the lifetime.

  • Creating a sturdy body
    that can live a lifetime

    Currently the social security expenditure accounts for 30% of the national budget,Investment for children has not expanded.
    Maintaining good health for the lifetime If medical expenses etc. can be mild, it will lead to investment in the future We will build an environment where adults and children can grow together.

  • Educational revitalization
    to nurture an obedient heart

    Currently, the academic ability of children is growing. However, the present educational environment is not confident by the rise of deviation value education, and a straightforward heart. I have not been able to nurture. In order to foster self-affirmation, I will propose correct way of education and build an environment that cultivates honest mind.

Nurturing innovative human resources
that brings true progress and
harmony to humanity

The excessive globalism has caused various problems, making it difficult
for everyone to pursue happiness.

It is now time to pride ourselves on the history and culture of our nation,
create the next innovation from known and known fusion,
nurture the unexpected human resources that brings true progress and harmony to humanity,
and to create a world where everyone can pursue happiness It will be realized.

  • Fostering future-oriented
    human resources
    that will create the next innovation

    We aim to realize a world where everyone can pursue happiness, accepting various values with Japanese honesty hearts and cultivating human resources who create the next innovation from known and known fusion. from known and known fusion.

  • Establish mutual understanding
    to blend diverse values

    By accepting various values of the people who will create the future together, history, technology, knowledge and experience will blend, and we will establish mutual understanding that will bring about harmony with the world by progressing humanity.