Bridge to the Future – Realization of an Aspiring Osaka City –

The world is made up of harmony between people and nature and ties across countries and regions. People meet and connect with each other to become a society. Globalism, which treats the whole world as one economic region, has provided temporary blessings like reducing extreme poverty. However while self-serving economic growth that prioritizes one’s own profits has reached its limits with countries turning to their own protectionist policies, these divisions have been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. For a better future, we must have genuine sincerity for others and for society and a strong will to better oneself to overcome big obstacles and push forward with aspiration in order to make Osaka grow again. Using the collective power of the people, just as they did to build the 808 bridges of Naniwa in the old days, now is the time to bring that power back to the present day. We will overcome differences in values, to connect hearts and minds and grow together to realize an aspiring Osaka City.

Cherishing every encounter and every moment,
each person’s aspirations can change society and the world.

Bridge to the Future
Be a bridge to the future

In 1950, in the midst of the postwar devastation the Junior Chamber International Osaka was established under the slogan “Youth is the origin of all values. ” It was the second branch established in Japan with a goal of national reconstruction and the realization of world peace.For the 2021 fiscal year, approximately 700 current members and about 2,800 OB members will gather together and flexibly seize the times while maximizing the energy of the times and act for the city of Osaka. To all of the citizens, governments, companies, and various organizations, I appreciate to your continued patience and cooperation with us.

General Incorporated Association
Junior Chamber International Osaka
The 71st President
Shotaro Murao

Let’s establish a new
co-development format
with true sincerity!

The dilution of people and community connections, due to the division of societal networks leads to a problem in communities where a breakdown in relations between families gives rise to children who have fewer hopes and dreams for the future. Now is the time to build a society in which children and adults can grow together with a true sincere delight, linking both people and communities together which strengthens the power of the adult/child co-development in a society where parents and children must coexist.

We will generate ‘social co-development power’ where adult development can influence children’s development and they grow together along with ‘community collaboration’ which brings together elements of family, school, corporations, and government, to raise children in a complete society.

Co-development power to grow hand-in-hand!

Due to the dilution of community connections, parents’ economic disparities have increased along with child poverty such that the breakdown in relations between families is worsening and children’s hopes and dreams for the future are being lost.

We should have a mission to develop ourselves together with our children and have a true sense to appreciate our children’s growth which will lead to mutual growth. We will forge new leadership that can act to achieve this goal to realize a society in which all people can have hopes and dreams.

Community collaboration to raise children!

As interpersonal connections are getting weaker, the breakdown in relations between families is becoming serious. Local people recognize that our children are “The Community’s Children, ” and they are seeking a society where child-rearing crosses the boundaries of schools, companies, and governments. This community that shares the responsibility of child-rearing among itself, with delight and worry must be created.

Now is the time for people and the community to join forces and grow together, rejoicing in true sincerity, as a community that can connect it’s children’s hearts to their futures through the collaborative creation of human resources.

Renovate the world with
the high hopes of
today’s youth!

With trade friction between Japan, the U.S., China, Brexit, etc., the world is fragmenting due to the influence of nationalism which is reversing the movement of the trend so far, and now with the spread of COVID-19, that trend has accelerated. In order to renovate a divided world we must shape the new value arising from the young human resources who will lead us into the next generation.

Now is the time, in order to lead the world to overcome difficulties, human resources with high hopes will work to achieve long-lasting and virtuous human and environmental growth for social development to create sustainable economic growth based on SDGs where not a single person is left behind.

Virtuous social development!

At a time when self-serving thought and natural disasters are dividing the world and threatening society’s sustainability, we must be aware of and consider the potential impact of the world’s problems on our lives and future society.

Now is the time to accept the differences in various ways of thinking, build an entirely new scheme and produce human resources who contribute to the social development in which the natural environment and growth can lead to a positive growth cycle.

Creating new value!

With the effects of COVID-19 and the recent rise in selfish thinking, we are facing a new age. We need to create new role models that will arise from the spirituality that Japanese and particularly the people of Osaka originally contribute publicly.

We aim to build a business scheme which can solve a social problem by youth’s creativity and thought and they will take over the next generation. We will create human resources that keep trying make sustainable economic growth based on SDGs where not a single person is left behind.

Let’s co-createthe
pioneering urban city
model for the world!!

Growth centered on inbound tourism demand has collapsed, and the fact that we have relied on our relationship with the international community has made us realize our vulnerability to major social changes. Now is the time to establish a resilient urban city model that that brings together the spirituality of pride and the power of the people to open up the times and create new value.

In a society that is changing with technological progress, we will collaborate with Osaka’s academia, industries, government and citizens stemming from both “sustainable economic growth” and “a new way of life,” and through “co-creation,” bring growth to the city and form connections between people who can create new value.

Toward Sustainable Economic Growth

With the development of technologies such as AI, IoT, and DX, we are seeing rapid social change. Now is the time to build human networks that can become the cornerstone of sustainable economic growth and make co-creation innovation.

Recognizing the spirituality of the people of Osaka who have accepted diversity, we will produce human resources who connecting with each other, together can cut across positions, combining tradition and innovation with the city’s strengths, to continue to challenge the creation of new value.

Creating new lifestyles

The vulnerability to the collapse in inbound tourist demand and major social fluctuations has been exposed. With the growing opportunities associated with hosting the 2025 Osaka-Kansai World Expo, we must once again grow as an attractive city in a new era.

Changes in lifestyles demand opportunities to reconsider people’s communication and existence. We will co-create new lifestyles that bring mental and physical health and happiness through citizen-led co-creation, and develop people who widely express ideals of urban city models that continuously grow.