Realization of
a world-class resilient city Osaka
– Let’s create a bright future with the “Heart of YUI -connected mind-” –

The COVID-19 began spreading all over the world in 2019 and has greatly impact the world economy, which made people fall into anxiety and poverty for an extended period. It revealed the weaknesses of the social systems and the people. On the other hand, utilization of digital infrastructure has become widespread, and it has brought about changes in our lives, such as our lifestyles and the way we connect with the world, which have been taken for granted up until now.

We must take this opportunity to think about how to progress looking ahead to the future and act to confront unseen difficulties.

When we dispatch our unique culture and attraction to the world through new initiatives, Osaka will be able to develop further, just like we did during the period of rapid economic growth.

Now, if we can illuminate the “Heart of YUI-connected mind-”, which continues to act sincerely with the supple compassion born from the kindness given to us, and with the strength to make the others’ individuality shine brightly so that we can connect to people spontaneously and to display peoples’ abilities, we can realize the world-class resilient city Osaka, which will become the foundation of a warm future where everyone can spend their ordinary daily lives.

In 1950, during the midst of the postwar devastation, the Junior Chamber International Osaka was established under the slogan “Youth is the origin of all values”. It was the second chapter established in Japan with a goal of national reconstruction and the realization of world peace.

For the fiscal year 2022, approximately 700 current members and 2,800 alumni members will gather together to flexibly grasp the current trends while maximizing the energy of the times and act for the city of Osaka.

To all of the citizens, government bodies, corporations and various organizations, I would like to ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.

General Incorporated Association Junior Chamber International Osaka
72st President
Hidenori Kajimoto

Regain a compassionate community network!

To form a warm community where everyone has an attachment and fostering the children’s “ability to survive”.

Under the influence of the technological advances such as utilization of ICT, the introduction of remote lessons and expansion of use of various SNS, the educational environment has improved and children can learn more than ever.

However, it is difficult for even adults to foresee the future.
Though the lack of face-to-face communication, now is the time to regain the community network with compassionate community adults, where they not only support and watch the children attentively but also nurture children’s ability to think and imagine.

  • Realize a pioneering symbiotic community model that everyone loves!

    Now that environment to learn is organized more than ever, the environment that brings out the children’s potential is necessary, regardless of school or family framework.

    We will collaborate with companies, stores, and other community adults in the district of Osaka City to update the ordinary community structure, where the community adults support the growth of children.

  • Comfortable community collaboration where everyone can realize their dreams and hopes!

    The future will be difficult to foresee even for adults.

    With changing lifestyles and foreseeable natural disasters, we need an environment where we can learn to repeat our thoughts and actions in order to survive in the future.

    We will create a community that nurtures a culture that will become a new asset and reconnect the community.

Let’s create new values that spreads sympathy to the world!

Establishing an economic foundation that creates new values that will bring about better changes in the world

Compared to other parts of the world, environments where youths can take on challenges as often as possible is limited, and it is difficult to create collaborations that can solve problems beyond existing frameworks.We must connect those people who can contribute to the economic growth of Osaka.

Now is the time to establish a business foundation that will give youths the motivation to take on challenges and the power to realize their dreams, and create new value through collaboration among companies, research institutes, and governments in Osaka, to bring about sustainable change for the better in the world.

  • Let’s create a structure that will continue to empower young people to become active the world!

    Being in a difficult environment for youths to become entrepreneurs, we must empower youths to take on new challenges and act for the economic development of the city.

    Now is the time to create the entrepreneurial network which will continue to support the challenging spirit of youths who will take over the next generation, and transmit businesses that forms a basis of problem solving from Osaka to the world.

  • Let’s create problem-solving businesses through industry-government-academic collaboration!

    While businesses working to solve issues will increase, we must establish a sustainable method through collaboration.

    We will produce an industry-government-academic platform which creates new values and keeps taking on challenges to solve problems through collaboration between research institutes and governments, centered on small and medium-sized enterprises, which is one of Osaka’s strengths.

Let’s co-create the pioneering urban city model with the power of the people!

Establishing a resilient city model where people think of their own city regardless of their standpoint

While anxieties about natural disasters foreseen in the near future and expectations such as the Osaka-Kansai Expo are heightening, the thought to improve our city is fading.

Now is the time to take the initiative, work hand in hand, understand our role as members of society, and reclaim the ideal image of a city where the public and private sectors work together to create the future.

  • Let’s build a relationship to overcome all difficulties!

    Awareness of disasters inevitably declines as time goes by.We will not only awaken an awareness of the crisis, but also build a system that encourages the revival of the region through cooperation among companies, with each having its own role and working hand in hand in case of emergency.

  • Expand the empathy as a sovereign owner of the future of the city!

    While expectations are rising ahead of the Osaka-Kansai Japan Expo, interests of the citizens and business has yet to increase.

    We will increase the number of youths who are interested in politics and government and create a movement to shape their own future.