Striving for the International City OSAKA Where the “ZEN” CirculatesChanging the World for Others with the Spirit of Good

Today we are entering a new era with the rise of dataism where data dominates everything. At the same time, the “Digital Economy era,” the fourth industrial revolution involving new technologies such as AI, AR, VR, 5G and blockchain, is also about to begin.

On the other hand, Osaka, which is one of the world’s most developed cities, is faced with various problems such as a rapidly aging society, increased poverty rates, declining academic ability and self-esteem, vulnerability to natural disasters, etc.

In the past, Osaka was known internationally as “the Manchester of the East” because of its swift introduction of state-of-the-art technology and expansion of its economy, much like the English city of Manchester did during the First Industrial Revolution.

We are striving for Osaka as an international city where the “ZEN” circulates and connects on multiple levels, “ZEN” referring to virtue and goodness in Japanese. We can do this by not thinking of Osaka as an east-west bipolar but instead on multiple levels in Asia and the world.

Founded in 1950 in the aftermath of the second World War, Junior Chamber International Osaka is the second Junior Chamber International chapter to be established in Japan. Our ambition is to reconstruct the nation and aim for world peace with the motto “Youth are the root of all value.”

In 2019 with around 1,000 active members and more than 2,800 honorary and special members, we unite and act for Osaka with flexibility to capture new trends and energy to move with the times.

In conclusion, we would appreciate if citizens, governments, enterprises, and others continue to provide us with their support.

Junior Chamber International Osaka 69th Local President Ryubun Kojima

Fostering goodness to bring about a chain of growth for the future.

It is expected that AI and robots will become common on a full scale in the future and take the place of humans in the workplace. That is why it is becoming more and more important to foster children’s individuality and creativity so they may shape the future rather than provide them with a traditional, standardized education.

  • Growth of adults

    Adults also need to grow to assist children’s challenges they will face and to foster children’s sense of creativity. For that, we will establish a new social system that adults can take the best advantage of their individuality and offer them chances to build relationships and challenge new things in order to support and strengthen each other over generations.

  • Growth of children

    We cultivate children’s gifted individuality to foster their sense and creativity. For that, we let children challenge anything free from restriction and on their own volition. In addition, we let children use their individuality to imagine what they can do to make a better future.

Striving for Osaka as an International City with Assertiveness and Modesty

It is time for Osaka to take advantage of any chances presented and use them to promote itself, while at the same time face its various problems. We must brace ourselves now for Osaka’s future and cross swords with innovative ideas and a future-oriented mindset. We want to involve everyone inside and outside of Osaka and move beyond our differences of positions.

  • Designing a next generation model city

    Osaka and Kansai are expected to host not only the G20 summit and Rugby World Cup in 2019, but also the World Masters Games in 2021, the World Expo in 2025, etc. We will plan a city model to match the world’s expectations and to spread the appeal of a next generation city with coordinated cooperation that goes beyond differences of positions.

  • Constructing a city network

    Osaka was recently afflicted by the 2018 Osaka earthquake and 2018 Japan flood. These disasters have brought attention to the vulnerabilities of disaster countermeasures against earthquakes. From individuals to organizations, all of us need to think about the future for our cities, our nation and the world. It is also necessary for us to live up to our roles and responsibilities to make Osaka better.

Creating global citizens who produce harmony

Today, due to information and communications technology (ICT) and the development of science technology, the distance between countries is becoming narrower. To act for the benefit of only your country poses a global crisis. It is important now to go over our differences in thinking and create new values which people have never experienced. This type of world requires people who generate harmony with their sense of responsibility and passion.

  • Transmitting common values from Osaka

    There are numerous problems around the world due to dissension. To resolve these problems, we are pursuing a relationship in which everyone can have different values but be able to envision the same goal.

  • Fostering individuals capable of shaping the future

    The power of youth who work for all nations are needed to avoid strained relations between countries or people. We encourage Osaka’s youth to be talented individuals capable of creating a future for everyone.

We are promoting and engaging in SDGs.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as the successor to 2001’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), are global goals mentioned in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which was adopted by the United Nations in September 2015. SDGs consists of 17 goals and 169 targets and pledges to leave no one behind. SDGs are being undertaken by not only developing countries but also Japan and other developed countries.


Please check our SDGs activities here.